Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ah-choo & Grrr

Not much knitting going on lately. We have all been sick. Why is it that mom's always get it last? I would much rather get sick first, that way I have the energy to take care of two active Bubba's. When you get sick last you feel like poo and you have the kids on the mend w/ even more energy than normal b/c they have been sick. Grrr.

I am equally frustrated on the knitting front. I am working on a pair of over the elbow fingerless gloves, and I think the pattern is cursed. EVEN though I have swatched it (twice). Even though I have customized it to the gift receiver's measurements (and checked the math 3 X). It just doesn't seem to be turning out. I am about half way done (the second time) and if this one doesn't turn out, I think I will have to give up. Which really saddens me b/c the receiver's B-Day is next Tuesday and I really don't want to be empty handed.

So this dilemma brings me to a question. Other than weight and gauge.....what other considerations should me made when substituting yarns?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Weekend fun

So I was looking forward to a weekend of knitting and painting. Instead I find myself with two little sickies, who want nothing but to sit on mama's lap. Has anyone discovered a way to knit with two clingy 3 year olds? Plus, the hubby is off Ice Fishing (a much needed/deserved outing, just bad timing).

Better luck next time....right?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Out of the shadows...

So, I am a former lurker, who hasn't "come out" because I am a little technology chalenged as far as blogs go, but figure what better way to learn but to jump on in. So here I am big big world of knitting blogs.

If anyone has any tips on starting your blog, adding all the bells and wistles on the side, or even pictures, let me I said, I have no clue. It's sink or swim, here goes....