Monday, May 19, 2008

Time Flies....when you're having fun

Well, a lot can happen in 6 months.

Twas the night before Christmas....and I finally finished all my knitting. What a race to the finish line that was! I will try to round up some photos of the finished products.

Sewing....well, we didn't quite make that deadline. The Thursday before Christmas, I emerged from the basement to inform the hubbie that we had a death in the family. MY SEWING MACHINE!!!!!!!!! I was able to finish all the fleece outfits, pj pants for the boys, and one quilt. When I got to quilt #2, well 'ol sewie gave out and gave up the good fight. There was not a whole lot I could do at that point, so I was forced to give D an unfinished quilt.

The good thing out of it was my b-day and anniversary was right around the corner, so the hubbie bought me this:

Mine is pink, and it has everything to last my sewing needs for a very long time. I couldn't be happier.

Other things that you can do in 6 months:
1) Buy a house. (In which I have my very own CRAFT ROOM!!!!!!!)
2) Sell a house (FINALLY!!!).
3) Totally repaint new house 2X in 4 days.
4) Move into new house.
5) Celebrate 6 years of marriage.
6) Turn 27......uh, for the 3rd time.

I've done more, but those were the high points.

Spring Break, I finished the boys' new "super" room. Picts can be found here:


Knitting wise, I have been on a washcloth kick. The boys are both in tap and ice skating, so I find washcloths easy to knit. Currently I am working on a sweater for my mom. Wish me luck, she is REALLY picky and I may be froggin' and reworking parts to get one that she is happy with. But I am determined to get a fit that she will be happy with.

I have many other projects on the needles and in the que, but have been trying to get mom's sweater done first.

I have also been acquiring lots of sock yarn for the summer. (picts later today).

Must be moving along. The boys will have their end of year picnic this morning followed by pre-school graduation on Wed *sniff*. (I am not looking forward to their HS graduation. I am already facing "empty nest" syndrome and a total wreck just thinking about them going off to school 5 days a week in the Fall.)

Sunday, May 18, 2008



Perhaps I will have time tomorrow to start a little updating. For now, I am going to revel in my new found computer awesomeness (HA!).

Back again?

So after much swearing and cursing Google, Gmail, and Blogger, I think I have finally transferred my blog over to my new email address allowing me easier access to my blog and hopefully more blogging will ensue. We'll see if this works!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Kitten at Heart

So I am a real dork. Yup it's final. I have joined the Hello Kitty KAL, and I CAN'T WAIT!

I finished a hat not too long ago, LOVE IT!

I found the pattern on Ravelry. I changed the ears and I did all the embroidery with floss instead of yarn.

I can't wait to see what other patterns they will have. Check it out....

Monday, November 19, 2007

Update: A month in pictures

It's been about a month since my last here goes the last month's knitting in a pictures.....

Here are the boys' finished sweaters...

My needles are here....I am totally smitten!

Here is a cute little hat for the inner child in myself...........

A scarf for my husband's G-ma for Christmas. This stitch is so cool. It's called the "broom stick" stitch (crochet).

Ballet warm-ups for my sister-in-law.......for Christmas.

My goodie haul from a LYS.
I L.O.V.E. this sock yarn! The three skeins in the front will become these.......for Christmas. The one in the back will eventually become more socks.

Socks for my mom for Christmas.
And the boys will each be getting one of these...
I have also been sewing like mad. I have finished PJ pants for the boys. Ten pairs of flannel pants are all ready to be wrapped. I have all the fabric for the front of D's quilt cut and ready to sew up. I am waiting for the after Turkey day sales to get the fabric for C's quilt. I will also be buying up some fleece for more PJ pants and some fleece outfits for the hunters and fishermen in my life.
The boys have missed the last 2 days of school because we all have a nasty cold. This puts a damper on my productivity. Then, to top all the crafty, sickly madness off, we made an offer on a house and are waiting to hear if we got it. I think we will hear sometime today. It will really put a wrinkle in my holiday knitting and sewing if we have to move before the new year. I anticipate many late nights in my future. But it will totally be worth it because the house has a room that I have claimed for my crafts!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Is this for me?!?!?

So the boys have been asking me every time I put a sweater on them if I made this for them. They've seen me making all the baby sweaters for friends and family and have yet to get a sweater from mommy. So I have finally finished one and have the arms and finishing left on the other. They are so excited. They keep rubbing them and saying, "So soft, thank you mommy!" They are still a little big, but by Christmas they should fit fine and last us through the winter.

........Here is D in his sweater.
And here are the pieces of C's
unfinished sweater....

In other knitting news,I have been cranking out the FO's, but haven't gotten many picts I am looking forward to all the upcoming Christmas knitting. I am also eagerly awaiting the arrival of my KnitPicks order. As an early Christmas gift I purchased the new Harmony interchangeable circular needle set. I am so geeked, I can't wait for them to arrive.
Tonight is my SNB gathering at the local book store, so I am hoping to get C's sweater finished. Then once it's pieced together I just have to find 4 big wooden buttons to sew on for the tires of the cars. I am really happy with how these are turning out.
I will post more picts when they are all finished.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pay It Forwad: Knitting Style

So I have joined my first knitting exchange/KAL, the Pay It Forward Exchange. I got it from Gothknits. I am not sure where it originated

Here's how it works:
It's roughly based on the movie Pay It Forward. A Middle School boy (played by Haley Joel Osment) has to do a social studies assignment that can change the world and put it into action. Here is what he comes up with: #1 It has to be something that really helps people. #2 Something they can't do by themselves. #3 I do it for them, they do it for three other people. These are the rules when you pay it forward. If everyone followed this the world would be a nicer place. His idea quickly spreads across the country and really tests the thinking of those around him.

So the KAL twist on this is that I will make a nice little knittsy gift for the first three people to comment on this post. They will in turn write a post on their blog and gift their first three and and so forth. This a great idea for those who don't have a lot of time, you have six months to get your gifts out.

So without further ado.....bring on the comments!

Sunday, September 30, 2007


So, my goal is to get better at actually posting and not just reading blogs.....How am I doing so far?

WE have been hella busy this summer. Things are settling down, so once I get thing figured out. I'll get some thing up.

I have been cranking out the projects this week. Between sewing, knitting, baking, and this new craft that I picked up. Which honestly I don't even know what it's called.....I walked into a new knitting store a few weeks ago and they had these stitched bracelets that rocked , so I though...I used to cross-stitch, I can do that. So I picked on up and am giving it a go. (Only it's not cross-starching, it's called "basket-weave stitch", but it has nothing to do with a basket.). If I have time later I will post some picts.

Well, the boys are wanting breakfast, so we had better start our day. We are going to a apple orchard today...TTFN!