Monday, November 19, 2007

Update: A month in pictures

It's been about a month since my last here goes the last month's knitting in a pictures.....

Here are the boys' finished sweaters...

My needles are here....I am totally smitten!

Here is a cute little hat for the inner child in myself...........

A scarf for my husband's G-ma for Christmas. This stitch is so cool. It's called the "broom stick" stitch (crochet).

Ballet warm-ups for my sister-in-law.......for Christmas.

My goodie haul from a LYS.
I L.O.V.E. this sock yarn! The three skeins in the front will become these.......for Christmas. The one in the back will eventually become more socks.

Socks for my mom for Christmas.
And the boys will each be getting one of these...
I have also been sewing like mad. I have finished PJ pants for the boys. Ten pairs of flannel pants are all ready to be wrapped. I have all the fabric for the front of D's quilt cut and ready to sew up. I am waiting for the after Turkey day sales to get the fabric for C's quilt. I will also be buying up some fleece for more PJ pants and some fleece outfits for the hunters and fishermen in my life.
The boys have missed the last 2 days of school because we all have a nasty cold. This puts a damper on my productivity. Then, to top all the crafty, sickly madness off, we made an offer on a house and are waiting to hear if we got it. I think we will hear sometime today. It will really put a wrinkle in my holiday knitting and sewing if we have to move before the new year. I anticipate many late nights in my future. But it will totally be worth it because the house has a room that I have claimed for my crafts!


KreativeMix said...

wow!!! very fab!!!

Puteri said...

Everything is so beautiful!! My crochet and knitting ability is at best rudimentary .. and been a while since I did any!

Everyone who receives you hand crafted gifts are lucky!